Project Tips and FAQ

Box Trailer Info 

Here are some sizes some of our customers have used when building themselves a box trailer. 

  • 75x50x2.5mm rhs (draw bar)
  • 50x50x2.0mm rhs (external frame)
  • 50x25x2.0mm rhs (internal frame and mudguard supports)
  • 40x40x2.0mm rhs (corner posts 35x35mm will fit inside this product)
  • 1.6mm flat sheet (sides and floor)
  • 2.1mm floor plate (checker plate) (for a heavier floor)

Bird Cages

There are a lot of light sections that can be uses for building a cage but 25x25x1.6 has been a popular one in the past and have a look at our handy mesh sizes they are convenient at 1.8 x 1.2m 

Sail Poles

Have you ever wondered what size pipe is mostly used for holding up shade sails? Some of our customers have been putting them up for years and most of the time they use 100nb Medium gal, this product is available in 6.5m and 9m lengths and in most cases can be cut to get 2 posts from one length.

If you need to know more please feel free to contact out sales staff 

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